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Terms & Conditions

I. Warranty

These Warranty conditions are published by Rey Hockey, brand owned by REY hockey s.r.o. ID: 11804742, based in Prague, U tvrze 48/28, ZIP 108 00, Czech Republic, (hereinafter referred to as “Seller”), to determine the assumptions, conditions, requirements and proceedings between the Buyer and Seller in the event that the Buyer discovers a legitimate reason to exercise rights and liability for defects in the Product (hereinafter referred to as “Product” or “goods”).

II. Warranty period

The Warranty Period for a Product is twentyfour (24) month (if the warranty certificate or product detail on the contract of sale does not state differently) and is calculated from the date when the Product was taken over by the Buyer. If Product has no special Warranty card, as warranty document serves Invoice.

III. Conflict with the contract of sale

Except for Products sold as used goods, the Seller shall be liable for defects that occur in the form of conflict with the contract of sale during the warranty period after the buyer took over the Product (warranty).

The Seller is responsible to the Buyer that the sold product is in conformity with the contract of sale on receipt by the buyer, in particular, that it is free of any defects. ‘Conformity with the contract’ means that the Product has the quality and utility properties required under the contract signed by the Seller, manufacturer, or the manufacturer’s representative, or expected on the basis of advertising by the said parties, or that the sold product has the quality and utility properties usual for the type of product sold, that the sold product complies with the requirements of legal requirements, that it is of the corresponding quantity, measure, or weight, and conforms with the purpose which is stated by the vendor for the use of the product or for which the product is usually used.

In case the product is not, upon receipt by the Buyer, in conformity with the Contract of sale, it is a conflict with the Contract (hereinafter referred to as ‘conflict with the contract of sale’). If the Product does not conform with the contract of sale on takeover by the buyer, the buyer has the right to demand from the seller that the goods be brought, free of charge and without undue delay, to a state of conforming with the sales contract. The buyer may request that this be accomplished either by exchanging the goods or by having the goods repaired. If this is not possible, the Buyer may demand an adequate discount from the price of the Product or may withdraw from the contract. This does not apply if, prior to taking over the product, the buyer knew of the conflict with the contract of sale or himself caused the conflict with the contract of sale. 

Conflict with the contract of sale, which will take effect within three (3) months from the date of the takeover of the Product, shall be deemed to have already existed at the time of its reception, if it is not in conflict with the nature of the goods, or if it is not proven otherwise. This rule does not apply to a case when the Buyer, before receiving the goods, knew about the breach of Contract of sale or when conflict with the Contract of sale has been caused by himself. Regarding the cases that are in conflict with the nature of the goods, these include the changes in the characteristics of goods due to natural changes in the material or due to the wear of goods. 

During the first fourteen (14) days, the buyer has the option of having the product either exchanged or repaired without any other conditions stipulated by the law. In the following months, the buyer may demand having the product replaced only if this is not disproportionate considering the specific nature of the defect.

IV. Warranty conditions

If a defect occurs on the Product under warranty, the buyer has the right to complain about this defect.

Defect means a change of goods properties caused by the use of improper or poor material quality, inappropriate technology inappropriate design or other manufacturer’s fault. 

As a defect cannot be considered such change of the product (properties) occurring during the warranty period as a result of wear and tear, misuse, inadequate or improper maintenance including faults due to changes in natural materials from which the goods are produced as a result of any damage done by the Buyer or a third party or unauthorized modification of the Product or any other improper behavior.

The motif is only an aesthetic accessory that is not protected against the impact and therefore is not covered by the warranty.

The complaint shall be considered as properly applied if the complained product is submitted to warranty procedure complete and not in conflict with general principles of hygiene. The Buyer is obliged to submit the claimed goods clean, free from all impurities, and hygienically safe. The Seller is entitled to refuse to accept the defective goods that will not meet the above general principles of hygiene. 

If repair or replacement of the Defective Product is needed, and the Defective Product is to be sent to Rey Hockey (or a designated ASC), the Customer shall be responsible for arranging and paying for the transportation and adequately packaging the Defective Product. Rey Hockey is responsible for arranging and paying for the return freight to the Buyer. 

Return address:

Rey Hockey
U tvrze 48/28
108 00 Prague
Czech Republic

V. Warranty claim and procedure

The Buyer may submit his/her complaint electronically to the email address:

Proof of purchase of claimed goods presents the Buyer by submitting purchasing invoice. Without submitting purchasing invoice can warranty procedure begins only if the buyer proves the purchase in another credible way.

The authorized person responsible for the warranty is obliged to issue a written confirmation (complaint report) to the Buyer stating the nature of the defect the buyer is complaining about, as well as the legal right that the buyer applies in his/her claim. The seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the consumer which must state: when the consumer exercised the right, what the complaint is about, what method of dealing with the complaint the consumer demands, and further it must confirm the planned date and manner of settling the claim, including a confirmation of the finished repair and its duration, or a written justification for rejecting the complaint. 

Once the Buyer exercises any of the liability rights for defects such as the right to choose a method of complaint settlement (remove defects or discount from the price of the Product), he/she is bound by this decision and cannot change it unless agreed otherwise with the authorized person responsible for the warranty.

The Buyer may inquire about the status of his complaint electronically to the email address:

The right to exercise a complaint must be applied within the warranty period, without undue delay, and as soon as the defect appears, since delay in doing so and continued use of such goods can worsen the defect, damage the goods even more, and could be a reason for rejecting the claim.

The period from the exercise of the right from liability for damage until the moment the buyer is obliged to take over the product after its repair shall not be included in the warranty period. The vendor must give the Buyer confirmation about the moment when the right was exercised and about the repair and its duration. If the result of the Warranty Procedure is an exchange of claimed Product, the warranty period will begin to run again from the date of reception exchanged product by the Buyer.

VI. Removable defects

Removable defects are such defects that can be removed by repairing the goods without compromising the look, function, and quality of the goods. 

If the defect can be removed, the buyer shall have the right to the free, timely, and due removal of the defect. The Seller must remove the defect without undue delay. If, given the nature of the defect, it is not unreasonable, the buyer may demand the exchange of the Product; if the defect concerns only a component of the Product, the Buyer may demand the exchange of the component. If this procedure is not possible, the Buyer may demand an adequate discount from the price of the Product or may withdraw from the contract.
In case of removable defects, the Buyer has the right to exchange goods or to withdraw from the contract if:

  • the claim is not settled within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of submitting the claim and no other agreement was signed
  • there is a repeated occurrence of removable defects after repair or if multiple removable defects prevent the Buyer from using the goods in a standard way. 

The re-occurrence after repair means that the same defect, that was already twice repaired under warranty, occurs the third time, OR in a situation when three different removable defects occur at the same time, which cause the product to be useless. 

VII. Irremovable defects

The irremovable defect is such a defect that cannot be removed or its removal is not practical, taking into account all the relevant circumstances. 

In case of irremovable defects that prevent normal use of the product as if it was defect-free, the buyer has the right, in his/her sole discretion, either to have the product replaced or he/she can withdraw from the sales contract. 

The same rights as described above have the Buyer when the same defect, that was already twice repaired under warranty, occurs the third time, or when three different removable defects occur at the same time, which cause the product to be useless. 

If irremovable defects occur in the product, that do not prevent the effective use of the product then, in addition to the buyer’s right of having the product exchanged or withdraw from the sales contract, the buyer is entitled to an appropriate discount from the price of the Product.

VIII. Products sold for reduced price, sale, clearance

Products having defects that do not impede the use of the goods for the specified purpose must only be sold for lower prices than the usual price of a defect-free product. The buyer must be informed of the fact that the product has a defect and of the nature of the defect unless it is obvious from the nature of the sale. 

In case of things are sold for a lower price, the Seller is not liable for the defect due to that the lower price was agreed on. If with a product sold at a reduced price occurs hidden defect that prevents effective use of a product, the buyer may exercise claims of liability for defects in accordance with Conflict with the Contract of sale.


If the price of the product was reduced due to clearance or Season sale, and the Product is otherwise defect-free, the seller is liable for such product as it would be a new product. 

Declaration of conformity

Business Name: Rey Hockey s.r.o.

Registered Office: U tvrze 48/28, 108 00 Prague, Czech Republic

ID: 11804742

As a product manufacturer

Title: Hockey protective mask, Goalkeeper protective mask

Type: Polyethylene (PE), Fiberglass (FG), Carbon Kevlar (CK, Carbon (C), ABS

Description and specification of the product function: The protective mask is used to protect the player’s head and face from mechanical impacts – above all, and contact with fired pucks and balls, against sticks, and other personal contacts with opponents.

I declare and confirm that,

The product is safe under the conditions of normal use and intended use and measures have been taken to ensure that all products placed on the market comply with the technical documentation.

Complies with provisions of Government Regulation №21/2003 Coll., transposing Council Directive 89/686 / EEc on the approximation of the laws of the member States relating to personal protective equipment, as amanded by directives 93/68 / EEc, 93/95 / EEc and Directive 96/58 / EEc of the European Parliament and of thee Council and ISO 10256 standards.

Is identical to the personal protective equipment subject to the EC Certificate (see Annex) issued by the Engineering Test Institut, s.p., Brno, Authorized Body of the Czech Republic 202 authorized by the notified body within the EC.

Applicable to Products purchased after 1st February 2021