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How to shop

No, you do not need an account to place an order, however, we recommend to create one as it will be easier to find exact product you have ordered in order to help you in the future. 

You can place order online on our website, by email or by calling our customer service. 
After placing an online order, please wait for your order to be approved first.

Size chart is placed under “Add to Cart” button. For further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, you can cancel your order before it’s approved in your client zone. If you do not have an account, you can cancel your order by email or by calling us. 
Changing orders is possible by getting in touch with us by replying to the confirmation email or by phone call.

Pricing & payment

As of right now the main currency on our website is Czech Koruna (CZK). If the order is placed outside of Czech Republic our customer service team will get in touch with to specify the price in EUR/USD.

As of right now we accept payments via bank transfer or Paypal. However, we are working on payments via debit/credit cards. 

In our store we accept only cash payments as of right now, debit/credit card payments will launch soon.

Yes, your data are safe with us. 


There is no difference in the quality between custom or a stock mask. All the same materials, machinery and production staff are used to make the product.

Production time varies during the year according to the order queue at the time. It best to plan ahead. 
Production and delivery times can be specified in a communication.

Please contact us to arrange to have your mask delivered for repair. In order to calculate a price we require you to send us a photos of the mask.<br>
Delivery address: 
Rey Hockey s.r.o.
U tvrze 48/28
108 00 Prague
Czech Republic

Any products that require repair under warranty should be returned to us. We believe in the importance of satisfying our customers by manufacturing quality products. We, however, must be the sole judge in the matter of returns under warranty and we must have the product in hand to make an appropriate determination.