General Terms and Conditions and Complaints Procedure

Last Update: 14th November .2020
1. These general terms and conditions specify the method and form of sale through this online store, as well as the sale in the stone branch. The terms and conditions also regulate the rights and obligations of buyers.
Complaints procedure and method of settlement
Every customer who has purchased goods in our online store or shop is entitled to a claim for goods within 24 months of purchase. The seller is obliged to handle the complaint within 30 days of its application. If a defect is found, it is necessary to stop using the goods and file a complaint immediately. If he does not do so and the defect is increased by subsequent use, he runs the risk that the complaint may not be accepted by the manufacturer. If the goods do not suit, it can be exchanged or we will refund your money. In the case of sending the goods for a complaint, the customer is obliged to hand over the goods undamaged, complete, and in a suitable package that meets the transport requirements of the delivered goods – preferably in the original packaging. In the case of exchanging goods for another size, it is possible to do so either in our stone shop or by mail. The cost of postage is always paid by the buyer unless the parties agree otherwise.

Claim and method of settlement
Complaints can be made both for goods that are purchased in our store and through the e-shop. In the event of a complaint, the customer must always have a delivery note (invoice) received at the time of purchase. Furthermore, the complaint is carried out in accordance with the standard procedure, which is specified in the complaint procedure.


Money-back guarantee
If the purchased goods do not meet the customer’s requirements or are goods of an inappropriate size, the customer will be refunded in full. However, this warranty is limited to 3 days in the case of the purchase of goods in the store and 1 week in the case of purchase over the Internet (calculated from the receipt of the shipment by the buyer).

Protection of personal data
All information about customers is stored in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll. As seriousness is our basic and highest priority, we are fully aware of our responsibilities in managing this sensitive data and fully respect the privacy of the customer. The seller undertakes not to provide personal data in any form to a third party. According to the law, the data will be secured and used only in communication between the seller and the buyer. Personal data is used exclusively for the purpose of implementing the ordered services (eg delivery of products) and also serves to prepare a tax document.
How to order goods
The goods chosen by the customer can be purchased either in our stone shop or can be ordered through our online store. By filling out the order and sending it in the final place, he also confirms his agreement with the general conditions and the complaint procedure.
Shipping times
Delivery time depends on the specification of the goods. Some can be distributed immediately, as indicated on the product. For other types of goods, the delivery time may depend on the special modifications of the product requested by the customer, in which case the delivery time is agreed individually. For each ordered product, the customer chooses and confirms the method of transport. By sending the order, the customer confirms the chosen method of transport, its payment and the method of payment for the goods.
The customer is responsible for inspecting the transported goods, if the goods or package packaging is visibly damaged, the customer is obliged to inspect the contents of the shipment together with the delivery person and in case of product damage follow the rules of the specific selected transport service.

When buying any product in this store, the buyer also agrees with the general terms and conditions and the complaint procedure, which by signing and in the case of the e-shop confirming the order fully agrees.

You can download the complaint form here.